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Since I last posted, I’ve spent the recent four months with a very busy brain: full of thoughts of our impending move to NY (Connecticut, actually!) and all of the details that entails.  I simply haven’t been focusing on my mediumship- and if any spirits have been knocking on my psychic door to snap me back onto the path, I haven’t answered.  (But I think that’s about to change again…)

In some of that time, though, I had been taking an online course from one of the London ghost school teachers, Andy Byng.  This guy…. WHOA.  He is the exact opposite of the typical medium/psychic we think of in America. He is serious, disciplined, and no gimmicks.  In his teaching, there is no “feel good” path to doing mediumship- it’s not about “OOH AHHHHH you can do anything you want if you just BELIEVE!”  No. He is ZERO BS: it is only through hard work that true knowledge and connection arises.  And even when you think you aren’t BSing? You are. And he knows it. HAHA!

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Check out his website if ya want….

Andy’s course was called “Sitting in the Power” and it was basically the “how to” for meditating. Each week he would do a live video conference and then answer our questions before ending the lecture by leading a half hour meditation.  The weekly meditations built upon themselves- The first week was more of sitting and focusing on expanding your own power/aura, the second week we expanded that aura to blend with the spirit world, and so on. (Got it? 🙂 )

Just as I was getting used to this format, Andy’s guided meditation decided to throw me a curveball. In one of the classes toward the end of the course, we were doing the usual sitting in our own power and then expanding it to the spirit world… but instead of ending it there,  Andy cut back into the meditative silence and told us that we could now invite our Spirit guides to join us and introduce themselves. WHAT?!  He added in that it might not be the right time for some of us: if we weren’t at that stage yet and had more work to do, they might not come.

Now, I was having a pretty good meditation that day, but I checked out for long enough to think back to my track record of meditating DAILY as Andy had prescribed, and knew I had fallen quite short of that goal. “There ain’t no way,” I thought, “but sure, I’ll ask…” And so, I asked for my spirit guide(s?) to introduce themselves.

At once, four beings approached me. SERIOUSLY. One was maybe 6 – 8 inches from me on my right side, and there were three others in front of me, but they were a little further away, like… two feet.  I turned my attention to the group of three and the one on the left end sort of threw his hands up to say, “don’t look at us, HE’S the important one” and nodded to the spirit that was closer to me.

When I turned my attention, the closer being got right up to me. It was as if we were both… blobs… and every undulation of my blob was filled in with his blob. But only on my right side.  It wasn’t like I was a specific blob shape and he was a rigid puzzle piece that fit… everything about it seemed malleable.  Like his wavy blobbiness energy just butted right up to mine from head to toe on my right side. Cool huh?

I also intuitively knew this was a male energy. This energy gave me this vision of a mother holding her baby: it’s way of showing me how much it loved me. It was an INTENSE love, that took me aback. I mean, in this current earthly iteration of me, I don’t know this being, but WOW! He loves me as intensely as anything!  I then wondered who he was and the answer came right away: “Joe… Joseph.” (Funnily, it was like a second guess, like he thought about it and went, “yeah don’t call me Joe. Lets go with Joseph.” HA!) And then that was it, the meditation ended as the teacher called us all back to the “here and now.”

Now, remember how I said I had been bad at doing my meditation homework? Well, after that I may have lapsed quite a bit.  (Yeah I don’t know how/why either. After a session like that you would think I’d be fighting to meditate all day EVERY day. But now that I really think about it, I think I inherently knew that the next session would be uneventful comparatively…) I probably got maybe one meditation a week in the next month, nothing like the half hour/hour every day that was the goal.  Now, for the most part, the meditation recordings all sound the same from week to week. (Andy sent us the recordings so we could listen back as our leisure.)  But as I began a mediation recently, I started to realize that this may be the recording from the “meet the guides” week. And if that was the case, what would happen? I mean, they already introduced themselves… so…?

Sure enough, this was the recording of spirit guide week, and as Andy once again instructed us to invite our spirit guides, I found myself thinking, “Hey guys! Its cool! I know we already did this – no biggy. I’m good over here!” So, I sat there not expecting anything. (Except maybe a passing hello IF I WAS LUCKY… and I don’t even know how that would work anyway.)

Well, freaking Joseph is badass apparently.  My clear head suddenly went to a vision of a man in a flannel shirt- just a closeup of his chest.  I knew he had been shot there, and that he had a black dog that was with him as he lay dying.

I also knew that this man in the flannel shirt… was me.

This vision took me through his death- and as the mans soul was pulling away from the body, this Holly- like me right now- thought “Wow that’s sad. I wonder if he had any family he left behind?” The answer came to me in the form of the man now sitting in a classroom “up above.” He was content, and showed me that the passage of time for him wasn’t the same for us here on earth.  Whatever family and friends he had left behind would be sad, yes, but for only a relatively short time until they too would be up there as well.  I was then shown the limp body of this man in the flannel shirt, being rushed and flown up to the “other side”… in the arms of a large being with wings….. Joseph.

I don’t know when this flannel shirted man would have lived, but I DO know, that Joseph… this dude that I don’t even know right now… has had my back for a long time.  And I’m diggin’ it.

9 thoughts on “Meet Joseph

  1. Wow! So awesome. One question though, you said you knew the flannel shirt Man was you. Do you mean that you were him in a past life or what? What if what you saw with him and Joseph passing to the other side was someone actually passing in the moment you saw it?


    1. Yes, that’s what I mean. I knew it was me (in the same way that “they” give me knowledge. ) just like I knew Joseph was a male energy, just like I knew there was a dog. I knew that was me.
      And Joseph rushing the body in his arms was Joseph’s way of showing me he’s been there for me all along, not just this life.


  2. What a trip! Metaphorically and spiritually. So basically, Joseph is like your guardian angel watching over your soul through its various lives? Bind blown.


  3. Thank you Holly!! I needed this!!! Just read this while getting my oil changed and trying like hell to not start blubbering away in the waiting room of the jeep dealership. Your image of what in my beliefs could be an angel gives me hope a of seeing my people again! Good luck with the move and with the kids, it’s bittersweet but I know you are like Laurel and you seize life by the balls!!! Btw laurel is my hero, to move from California to Alabama and love it? Who does that??? I moved from Tn to Oklahoma and thought I was in hell! She was my example when we moved to Auburn and I actually love it here! Hang in there with your move and keep the posts coming!!!

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    1. I’m so glad it helped reassure you! I don’t know exactly what Joseph is- an angel? A guide? (Did I mention in my blog that he had wings when he was flying up?)
      You will definitely see your people again. I have zero doubt about that anymore. I believe that our baseline existence is actually “over there,” if you will. Our lives on earth are but field trips for learning. So once everyone is back from their personal field trips- you all get to hang out together once more!
      I’m still amazed that one of “my people“ is this dude that I don’t even know right now! I love that I have more people over there that I can love!

      And you are right! Laurel is pretty good at that sorta thing! I know for me, at least, that having a close relationship with her (and my mom) has really helped me get through some lonely times while moving frequently. I can lean on those two as my BFFs all the time. ❤️


  4. I’m sitting here at my computer speechless….I’m always in awe of your writings…you write with such intensity and yet with such humor…I wish I had one tad bit of your ability (well, in the writing….not the “ghost school part.” Not sure I’d be able to handle that! Anyway, continue giving us insight into a most interesting part of your life! Love your posts!!

    On another note, in case I don’t see you before you move, wish you ALL THE BEST! Where in Connecticut are you moving? We lived in Stamford back in the mid-70’s….hubby took the train to NYC every day. BEAUTIFUL part of the country! xoxox


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